Monday, November 21, 2011

Cowboys til I die.....

I have been a Dallas Cowboys fan since as long as I can remember. Legend has it that my father wouldn’t take my mother to the hospital to have me until the Cowboys game was over. I Googled that date and what game was being played. The Dallas Cowboys beat the Philadelphia Eagles twenty-three to seventeen. Couldn’t have asked for a better game to have my birth waited for.  Any time the Eagles lose to the Cowboys is a great day.

Do I know every player’s name? Nope.  Do I know what college they all went to? Nope. Do I know who the coach was the year the team was first introduced into the league? Nope. But that does not mean that I am not a fan.

I’ve heard several people say that I am a “band wagon jumper”. Would you like to explain to me what wagon there was to jump upon? Because last time I checked the Cowboys haven’t had an amazing season since the mid 1990’s. So if I jumped on a wagon back then….nope they would still be incorrect.

I was born a Cowboys fan and I will die a Cowboys fan. Ask anyone who has known me since I was a wee little girl. I have pictures of me around the age of three or four sliding in a park rocking a Cowboys shirt. On the first day of sixth grade I am photographed wearing a Cowboys hat. I have owned a Michael Irvin #88 jersey since I was thirteen. And yes, I still wear it proudly. I will NEVER get rid of it. If I ever have a kid, they will rock this jersey.

Besides, my dad would kill me if I even thought of liking another team. When I was a freshman, the Titans were going to the Super Bowl. Now, at a young age my daddy taught me that if the Cowboys aren’t in the Super Bowl then we as Dallas fans root for the NFC team. Now the Titans were playing the Rams. And nothing against Kurt Warner or anything but Justin Timberlake was going for the Titans, so naturally I went for the Titans. They had nice little baby blue uniforms. (Ya, I know, I’m special.) Well, my dad told me I was a trader.

The Rams won anyway.

That Christmas, the Cowboys played the Titans. I was sitting in the room with my mom, dad, brother and sister. My brother made a comment that I was a Titans fan. My dad gave me “the look” and I replied with: “I like their uniforms.” Oh Lord was that a mistake. I was kicked out of the room and told that I was not allowed to watch another Cowboys game until I learned to “respect the star”.

The Cowboys lost 0-31. L

When I was a youngster, we weren’t allowed to interrupt our parents during Cowboys games. And on one particular cold, snowy day, my siblings, cousins and I were outside playing in the snow. Well, every time that an adult came out we would throw a snowball at them. The apparently we became annoying with our constant running in and out of the house. So they locked us out. In the cold. And the snow. Somehow  my lovely sister, who was several years younger, came up with the plan to bury the beer in the snow.

Let’s just say many lessons were learned that day. One, never bother Cowboys fans when the game is on. Two, don’t piss off the kids when you want your beer.

I have only been to one Dallas Cowboys game and it was to see them beat the Chiefs in overtime. Loved it. Does that make me not a fan because I have only seen them play one time? My dad was in his late thirties the first time he saw his team play.

When I watch the games with my friends or if I see my friends after a game, I like to talk shit. I like to get on Twitter and Facebook and brag about how AMAZING my team is. I like to listen to people at parties and at the bar talk about how they hate Romo one week and love him the next. I love every second of that. But, for some reason, I don’t really say a lot when I am watching the games with my brother and my dad. I don’t really know why I don’t speak up like when I am with my friends. Maybe I’m afraid that I will say the wrong thing and be thrown out of the family again. HaHa

There are also a few people who like to hate on me because I dislike Michael Vick so much. Um, well let’s see. He is a DOG MURDERER!!!!! Hello! And the answer is ‘no’. No, I would NOT like him if he ever became a Cowboy. In fact, I think that I would petition to have him removed from the team if he were ever be traded to the Boys.

So, hate on me if you must, but just know this. There is only a hole in the top of Cowboys stadium so God can watch His team play.


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