Sunday, April 15, 2012


I believe this photo's caption with all my heart. I feel in my heart that I don't need to skank it up to get the guy. And yet, I do sometimes. Is it because I want to? Lord no. It's because that is what society has accepted as "normal". Dress like a whore, get the guy.
But what happened to the good girls? The ones who used their brains and their charm to get someone. The shy girls who hope that their desperate attempts of horrible conversation, the invites to late night breakfasts, the more than obvious FB posts, get her what she wants. The girls like me.
It breaks my heart to see these perfectly nice guys treated like shit by these, excuse my French, fucking skanks. These girls think that they can whore it up and get the guy their vagina wants that night. And once they have this poor boy hooked like a sad pathetic fish, they use him up for what he is worth, then toss him back into the ocean. But he is tainted now. His guard is up. But for the wrong girls. He now thinks that the girl who actually likes him is just trying to get something from him. Trying to get money, gifts, special privileges. But in reality she just wants his heart.
And thanks to Skankzilla over there who broke him, the good girls, the smart girls, the girls who may not have the highest self esteem, the girls who think with their heart first and their vaginas second, are left alone.
I will admit I have skanked it up in the past. But shit, I'm almost 30. I either need to start nabbing attention with my brains and my awesome personality (even though I know my boobs over shadow not just those things but life as well) or accept the fact that I'm doomed to be in the Friend Zone forever.
This isn't where I wanted this to go. But I'm listening to Bush radio on Pandora and Staind was just on. Nothing like a lil anger music to fuel a blog. Oh and if it still isn't obvious, then I'm obviously not being obvious enough and I should start adopting cats now.

Heidi Jane

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