Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Love My Job

As I sit here waiting on my super amazing slide show for the up and coming 2012 Pre-K graduation to save,  I am reflecting on today. Was it a good day? *eh* Sorta. Was it a bad day? *eh* Not really. Was there someone who made me wanna throw a chair thru the window in the style of Chris Brown and then give ‘em a Rock Bottom AND a People’s Elbow? You bet your ass there was.

But does that stop me from wanting to go back tomorrow?

The answer is simple.


I LOVE MY JOB!!!!  I’ll scream it from the roof tops until I am blue in the face. I freaking love my job. There are days like today where my name was actually on the list of people who did a fuck up yesterday where I spend the first 25 minutes of work angry. But then I remember all the AMAZING shit I do on the daily, and it ten folds outweighs leaving my cup out. I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else. Nor do I ever want to. (Unless that dream of a singing career ever happens. And yet I still hope I on the schedule just in case.)

Do I make the amount of money that I am worth? Hell to the no. But I understand that that is what happens when you work in child care, especially one that supports a church.

Do I have health benefits? Again, no. But again, I choose to work here and I knew all this beforehand. I know how my body is and when I start to feel really shitty I do go to the doctor. I just pay out of pocket.

Do I work in the most glamorous building in the most amazing part of town? No. But I love my class room space. I love the neighborhood. I love that there are several parks within walking distance of us. And a library and KPTS is just around the corner. We can go to the post office and have a field trip. We can take a nature walk and see some amazing things. I mean, it is the North Side and all.

I love being able to wear my Harry Potter t shirts and discuss the movies with my “friends”. I love our little Adele sing a-longs on the playground. For Pete’s sake, I get paid to color!!! How could you ever hate that? All while helping to shape and mold 25 of the craziest children I have ever met into amazing, well mannered, talkative people.

Would I love to make more money? Yes. Would I love a bigger space to store things? Yes. Would I love to have a playground for just my class so I feel safe from the two and a half/ three year olds? That is a wish I could only hope for.

But until we win the lottery or strike oil on our property, I am 100% happy and content with my job, the people I work with, the children who attend every day, and yes, even the freaking cat.

Heidi Ho  

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